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A Spiritual Birth

By Hanna Szigeti

Birth is spiritual. The months of pregnancy after conception are a spiritual experience: A little baby grows inside the womb and demands nourishment and extra space, causing his or her mother to surrender to the miracle of pregnancy. A pregnant woman “fasts” from specific foods, drinks, and behaviors in order to provide her child with a healthful environment in the womb. After the birth of the baby, the self-sacrificial love of a mother is a testament to the love God has for us. 

I was ready for my baby to arrive long before the due date in February. My husband and I chose two names for our baby because we decided to wait to find out the gender of the child until the day of the birth. I read several books about birth, participated in a birth class with my husband, and spoke with many mothers about their own birth stories, but nothing could prepare me for the surrender giving birth required of me. To surrender to the birth process is spiritual. 

When I was a girl, I waded out into the ocean to where my feet touched the sand if I stood on my toes. The waves rolled in, one after another, and I dove into the waves; as I emerged to breathe, I had just moments to prepare for another wave. The waves rolled onto the shore, a never ending rhythm. 

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