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Winter 2013

Issue 40

The Pitfalls of Going With the Flow in Birth

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A Message from our Editor

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

The Pitfalls of Going With the Flow In Birth

By Melissa Bruijn BA (UQ), Debby Gould BNursing (QUT) GradDipMidwif(ACU)

Additional Resources

Better Birthing: It’s About Time

By Cynthia Ovregard


Additional resources:


Know your Practitioner: The Three Models of Birth and Health Care

By Robbie Davis-Floyd

For the Pregnant Woman: 10 Points to Remember About Birth

By Binnie A Dansby




Go Ahead, Use the F Word

By Patrick Houser


Birthing with the Wisdom of the Ages

By Jeanne Ohm D.C.

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Some of these quotes were originally posted on :


Birthing Bliss, Birthing Trauma, and Postpartum Depression

By Kelly Brogan, MD

Additional Resources


The Myth of the Magic Bullet: Understanding the Allopathic Paradigm of Medicine

By Barry Taylor


Informed Consent in Childbirth: Making Rights into Reality

By Hermine Hayes-Klein


Parental Power

By Cristen Pascucci


What is Evidence-Based Maternity Care?

By Improving Birth


Are Ultrasounds Causing Autism in Unborn Babies?

By Jennifer Margulis, PhD


Improving Your Gut Sense in Pregnancy

By Stephen Marini, D.C. PhD


The Mind-Body Connection in Fertility and Pregnancy

By Marcy Axness, Phd


Prenatal Yoga and Childbirth Education

By Sarah Kamrath

Healing Birth, Healing the Earth

By Sarah J. Buckley, M.D.

Midwives: Sing the Babies Earthside

By Ibu Robin Lim