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Bulk Subscription

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Bring the message of the family wellness lifestyle directly to your community. Pathways to Family Wellness is designed for chiropractors, midwives, doulas, naturopaths, birthing centers, and lactation consultants.

Charged and shipped 4x a year. Cancel anytime. 

Why subscribe in bulk

“We love giving articles about infants & children to our new families or new mamas to help ease their worries in the first few years!”

“Pathways articles fosters trust in the body’s ability to adapt and heal. This message is so important for pregnant women and young families. It supports the style of care I provide and I love that it’s pure content and not a bunch of ads. Well worth the investment.”

“We are very select in the reading material in the office and everything that we use promotes the ‘whole family’ approach.”

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Bulk orders cannot be sent to PO Boxes. Please ship to a physical mailing address. 


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