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Pathways magazine offers parents informative articles on a wide variety of health topics for their families. The information is timely and ranges from issues in pregnancy, birth and throughout childhood. The purpose of Pathways is to offer the vital resources for parents to make inspired, informed health care choices for their families’ well-being.

This full color magazine is beautifully laid out and is subscribed to by thousands of practitioners in the holistic community. Copies are in their office reception areas, so there is a wide readership of key audiences for family wellness. Additionally, many of these providers order these issues in bulk to distribute to parent groups and other like-minded practitioners’ offices in their communities.

Ongoing sections in Pathways include the following: Feature Article, Wellness Lifestyle, Parenting, Holistic Health Care, Pregnancy and Birth, The Outer Womb, Chiropractic for Life, Nutritional Nuggets, Parenting, Family Living, Moving and Learning, Mind-Body, Informed Choice, Gratitude and News and Events.

To date our subscription is to 15,000 very committed readers in North America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, we distribute another 25,000 to practitioners and public groups and conferences each issue. We expect these numbers to continue to grow considerably, as feedback and demand for the magazine is outstanding.

We are extremely selective of our advertisers and the products included in our magazine are endorsed by the ICPA and HPA which adds credibility and encouragement for sales. Doctors of chiropractic and other holistic, family providers are well-known for their ability to educate and encourage parents to utilize services and products that support their children’s wellness lifestyle. Practitioner members from both organizations are particularly enthusiastic over ICPA/HPA endorsed products and services.

Pathways magazine is mailed quarterly to its readers by the end of March, June, September and December.

Our Media Kit with spec sheets, ad rates and graphic requirements are listed in PDF forms above.

Initial payment for advertising is due at the time of contract and will be due 6 weeks prior to delivery dates for subsequent issues. Advertisers will receive a copy of Pathways.

All artwork must be emailed to our graphic designer here:
Email Graphics Department

For more information or with any questions please email the Advertising Department:
Email Advertising Department