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The Magic Of Intuition Is Not Magic

By Joe Dispenza, DC

Have you ever wondered how it is that when you think of your friend on the other side of the world, seconds later they call or text? Or how a mother can sense her child is in distress when the child is at another location? When something like this occurs, there are three possibilities at play—the first being intuition.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one definition of intuition is “The power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.” Another way to think of it is that this direct knowledge is essentially a download of information from the unified field into our brain. It occurs when we stop thinking and analyzing and we go into a trance. It’s almost as if our brain pauses, and that pause in the chatter allows other types of information to enter our nervous system. The challenge most of us face is what to do with the information when we receive it. Often we tend to analyze it and not trust its authenticity, but mothers and people who are open and can connect easily tend to trust it more. We all have access to this type of information—some are just more skilled at receiving it than others.

Another possibility is that people with strong emotional bonds are connected by an invisible field of information that allows them to relate in a non-local way. As an example, if you think of a radio, you tune the circuitry to make it resonate with the frequency you want to receive. In the biological system, it’s our nervous system that acts as a receiver to connect to information beyond our senses. Our emotions—which are energy in motion—are the carrier waves of that specific information. Since all matter is emitting information, and our bodies are made of matter, it should be no surprise that we are constantly emitting different frequencies, which carry information the same way that radio waves carry a message. So when strong emotional bonds connect people in a relationship, it’s possible that they are bound by their emotions, and thus their energy, because they are vibrating and resonating at the same frequency. Thus, our brain synchronizes with the person with whom we have a strong emotional bond.

Finally, there is heart-centered energy. Studies have shown that when you are operating out of a creative, elevated state such as love, gratitude, compassion, and so on, as you radiate those feelings around you, it causes the field around your body to expand. As this field expands, it can affect another person’s brain and body—and their health. For example, in a study in one of our advanced workshops, we gathered 50 participants to sit in the front of the room and we placed heart rate monitors on their chests.

Next, 700 students sitting behind them in a meditation began to practice opening their hearts and feeling elevated emotions like gratitude, joy, freedom, love, care, kindness, and appreciation. Once they could sustain that state, we then instructed them to radiate that energy beyond their bodies into the room. Since all frequencies carry information, we asked the senders of the energy to place the intent of that energy for the greatest good of the students wearing the heart rate monitors. At the exact same time, on the exact same day, during the exact same meditation, more than 50 percent of those students in the front of the room all went into heart coherence, indicating that the intent of the senders was influencing the autonomic nervous systems of the students receiving that intent. If you’re connecting with someone because you have your attention on them, and if where you place your attention is where you place your energy, then you are placing a lot of your attention on them. This bounds you by an invisible field of energy that allows you to tune into that person’s frequency, and because all frequencies carry information, you experience a download of information.

While science does not yet completely understand intuition, more and more studies are being developed to help us not only understand how it works, but how to measure it. But we do know it’s not magic. There has to be a mechanism that allows information from the unified field to be translated into our biology. We just have to get better at it