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Spring 2019

Issue 61

Living In The Gift

Table of Contents References

Mama Minou

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

Living in the Gift

Charles Eisenstein

The Hummingbird

Kacie Flegal, D.C.

A Woman’s Alchemy

Lindsey Wei

Nursing Posture

Jordan Adams, D.C. and Joseph Adams, D.C.

What If…?

Katherine Thornalley

(No Resources)

No Sleep Training Required

Zelma Tolley

On Their Own

Lindsay Mumma, D.C.

(No Resources)

Building Your Baby from the Ground Up

Chris LoRang, D.C.

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Chiropractic for Mom and Baby

Ian Shtulman, D.C.

Chiropractic and Bedwetting: Kelsey’s Story

Brenda Trudell, D.C.

Laying the Groundwork

Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Breech Birth is Normal

Nona Djavid, D.C.

(No Resources)

Secret Sensation Time

Gloria Lemay

Unlearning What We’ve Learned

Marianne Littlejohn

(No Resources)

The Powerful Counterbalance to the Masculine Mind

Chantel Quick

I Will Teach You

Tae Yun Kim

Too Much

Vince Gowmon, RTC

Real Self-Care for Mothers

Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.

Six Things Every New Mother Needs

Allison Mecham Evans, MA

In the Absence of the Village, Mothers Struggle Most

Beth Berry