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Selling People On Themselves: Self-Love in a Strange New World

The Paradigm of Self-Love 

One of the hardest yet most rewarding tasks I find myself accepting every day is that of selling people on themselves. It may sound sort of strange, yet in my career it is a simple reality that I have come to humbly face: Most of us need encouragement and guidance to learn how to show up for ourselves. 

“Could we live in a world in which we are both sovereign and yet attuned with Nature? Could we use our technological advancements to create simplicity in our lives while respecting the complexity of life?”

This paradigm of Self-Love—of actually doing the things that serve our mind-body-spirit while allowing the self-sabotaging patterns to fall away—is a foreign arena for many. It is a belief system that loving yourself is the same as healing yourself, and that there are real, practical steps that all of us can take to become more open-hearted. You see, none of the knowledge and tools really make a difference if you’re not going to show up for yourself. If we are not open to actually receiving these self-healing inputs, then I’m afraid the battle will be largely uphill. 

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