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The Law Of Prayer

By John Demartini, DC

For centuries, mankind has lived with prayer. When most people think of prayer, they think of asking for help from a Higher Source, to aid them in the traumas or tragedies or anxious circumstances of their lives. That is great; who could be against that form of prayer? Other people get inspired and elated with things, and they say, “Oh! Thank you! Thank you, God! Thank you, Universe! Thank you!” Their prayer is one of elation. Commonly, the masses pray when they are really happy or really sad.

The secret and the power of true prayer is to pray not when you are elated or depressed, but when you are in your heart. You are poised and centered and grateful. You are in God’s presence, not asking God to change this situation or fix that person, but grateful for all that is, as it is. This is the highest of prayers. The highest of prayers acknowledges the order of the universe, rather than denying it! Instead of sitting before the order of the universe and thinking, Oh, I wish it would change, the truest of prayers reverences its perfection. True prayer embraces what is! It was Gottfried Leibniz who said that there is a Divine Order, a Divine Perfection and a Divine Magnificence! When I read that when I was 18 years old, I got tears of inspiration in my eyes. I still do. I thought, Somehow I know. This is the Truth.

Today, ever inspired by Leibniz, I say there is a Divine Order, a Divine Perfection and a Divine Magnificence! There is something to be grateful for! The highest prayer, the most powerful prayer, is a prayer of gratitude! Not a prayer of “I need a change in…” but a prayer of thankfulness for what is—as it is! The ability to say “thank you” every day for what you have been given, the opportunities to share and serve, for all of the people who come into your life, and for all of your experiences—this is the highest of prayers.

The power of prayer and the Law of Prayer are the willingness to see this magnificence with eyes of gratitude and say, “Thank you.” Do not waste your time waiting until you are down; do not wait until you are elated. On a daily basis, be centered, focused and in love, through this highest of prayers. The power of prayer is truly an act of love and grace.