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The Healing Power of Unconditional Love

By John Demartini, DC

You have an intrinsic capacity to heal.

The majority of people believe that medical professionals and medication are what actually heal them. While they may be of great assistance at times, the greatest healing power still lies within you. Let’s take a step back and look at where illness, “dis-ease” and symptomology originate— in what some have called the mind. 

When you meet someone you admire or infatuate with and elevate them relative to you by placing them on a metaphorical pedestal, you tend to minimize yourself in response. So, you exaggerate them and minimize you. The opposite may also occur. You may minimize them relative to you by placing them in a metaphorical pit and exaggerate yourself in response. So, you minimize them and exaggerate you. 

Both are forms of judgment that result in you putting conditions, positive or negative valences, or emotional charges on both them and you. (“Valence” is a term used to describe the subjective value of an event or individual in your life. An entity that attracts you has a positive valence, while one that repels you has a negative valence.) 

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