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Birthing with Chiropractic: How an Adjustment Promotes Our Laboring Success

As a chiropractor, I see miracles all the time in my office. I always knew chiropractic was powerful and life-changing but never understood the depth of it until I had the experience of chiropractic care during labor. 

I had heard birth stories of first-time moms having 40-, 50-, 60-, 70-, 80-hour labors! I was prepared for a marathon for our first child, Naomi. We were giving birth at a birth center with midwifery care. We chose this birth center because of their philosophy around birth and the incredible prenatal and postpartum care they provide. It just so happens that my good friend Dr. Stephanie Libs practices right next door. I knew I would have regular chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy but never thought about getting adjusted during labor until Steph mentioned it. 

We know that when the nervous system is clear, innate intelligence can flow through our body. 

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