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How Chiropractic Reduces Interference At Birth

Lindsay was in labor all day. Her water had broken nearly 24 hours before and her progression was slow; her midwife, Elizabeth Charron of the Palms Birth House, was uncertain if she’d be able to continue at the birth center. That’s when she reached out to me for some late-night chiropractic support.

In the calmness of the quiet birth center at night, Lindsay laid on the chiropractic table, specially made to accommodate her belly. I delivered a gentle adjustment with the intent of restoring normal pelvic structure and motion, releasing unnecessary tension in the uterine and pelvic floor muscles, and facilitating the normal progression of birth. And that’s what happened: Almost immediately Lindsay noticed her contractions increased in frequency and intensity. Elizabeth noticed the change, too. “After hours of struggling with her labor, she was adjusted and seemed to surrender to the sensation of birth,” she recalls. “Things progressed quickly from there.”

A couple hours later, Lindsay welcomed baby Scarlett into her arms, peacefully and surrounded by a loving husband and team. “It was really incredible,” she says. “With the help of my husband, midwife, chiropractor, and the birth assistant, I was able to gently and peacefully give birth to my baby girl.”

One member of the birth team wasn’t surprised. “I always suggest when labor seems to be taking long,” says doula Samara Andreadis of the Orchid Nest, who was serving as Elizabeth’s assistant. “To be honest, I feel like my clients always benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. It helps with all labors, fast or slow, and I often see labor pick up and progress after an adjustment.”

“I tell my clients I get nothing out of recommending chiropractic other than it makes me look really good,” adds Andreadis, laughing.

“It was amazing how her labor changed quickly after she was adjusted. What an amazing experience to witness the birth of baby Scarlett!” wrote photographer Jamee Fink; this was her first time photographing a birth, and she captured the beautiful images on these pages.

All expectant moms should receive chiropractic care for a more comfortable pregnancy and prepare their body for birth. We should strive for chiropractic to be available at every birth, for every mom and every baby, everywhere. Lindsay did all the work; chiropractic just helped reduce any interference.

Lindsay is the epitome of what’s possible when a mom taps into her innate power and chooses a supportive birth team to help. “There is nothing more empowering than being surrounded by people that support you and knowing that your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do,” she says. Her story will likely inspire more women to seek the same amazing experience. Hopefully chiropractic will be available for them, too.