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Robin Grille


“’Pathways leads the world because it combines heart with leading edge information. Be an empowered and connected parent: read Pathways!”

Robin Grille is a father, psychologist in private practice, and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published and translated around the world. Robin’s first book, 2005’s Parenting for a Peaceful World, has received international acclaim, and his 2008 followup, Heart to Heart Parenting, has recently been published in the U.S. Robin’s work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children. Drawing from more than 20 years’ clinical experience and from leading-edge neuropsychological research, Robin’s seminars and courses focus on healthy emotional development for children as well as parents, while building supportive, cooperative parenting communities. To find out more about Robin’s work, visit and Check out Pathways’ Facebook page for upcoming teleconferences with Robin!