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Love Is My Vibration

By Tara Zeller, DC

Every atom, molecule and cell that makes up the human body is fundamentally energy.

From even an academic understanding, this fact is not disputed. All energy exists as frequencies of vibration. Water, sound, movement and even food all carry a specific frequency of vibration, each with a specific resonance. After receiving chiropractic care, we may carry a specific resonance of relaxation and healing. After listening to music, we carry the vibration of that music. It may be an uplifting high vibration, or a low vibration, depending on the source of the music.

Our cells vibrate at a specific frequency. When we eat well, we carry high-frequency vibration in our cells. When the food we eat carries a high vibration, such as when food is grown sustainably and with love and appreciation, our bodies take on the resonance of that food. Our cells vibrate at the frequency of the love that went into the production of the food. Our cells and our atoms emit that love and appreciation. The science of this phenomenon is called epigenetics. The expression of cells is affected by the environment in which the cell lives. The signals are sent by frequencies of the various vibrations of the external and internal experiences of life. Whether it is the vibration of water, sound, food or emotion, our cells thrive when given high vibrational energy. They are nourished by it. With it, they can express their greatest potential, the greatest potential of the human being that they have coalesced to become.

Physical Signals

The nervous system is the bridge between the physicality of the body and the mind and spirit. The brain and nervous system takes the information contained in the matter of the body, along with the nonmaterial information such as thoughts, emotions and frequencies beyond the spectrum of conscious perception, and assimilates those signals into the physical body, directing cellular function.

With epigenetics we understand that the cell receives information from outside the cell membrane, information which determines the genomic expression. Based on the information it receives, the cell will express ease or dis-ease. The information is an impulse created by a succession of chemical and electrical signals generated by the information the brain has received from our larger environment. The cellular environment is a mirror of the human environment. The impulses combine to create a frequency of vibration that encompasses the cells in its resonance.

When the nervous system experiences interference to its optimal expression, the information contained in the frequencies of the external and internal environment becomes distorted within the body, which alters cellular function. The interference to the nervous system can be attributed to various low-frequency vibrations. Negative thoughts and emotions, toxins within the environment, and mechanical distortion all interfere with the function of the nervous system, and thus cell expression. It is important to abstain from any insult to the body, mind or spirit. Raising our vibration by increasing awareness and limiting toxic exposure, along with undergoing regular chiropractic care, creates an environment that supports health and vibrancy within the nervous system. Let’s use the example of the vibration of light.

Imagine your brain being filled with light.

It begins with one impulse of light in one cell within the brain. The cell becomes saturated in that light, and the molecules within the cell resonate with that frequency. That cell then interacts, sending that impulse of light to the adjacent cells. Each molecule and cell connects with the next, creating a network of light, communicating it until the entire brain is the expression of light. The network expands from the brain in a cascade of reactions, enlightening the atoms, molecules and cells, one by one. The vibration travels within the brain and spinal cord, the nervous system, and into all the tissues within the body, transmuting every cell in every organ and gland into light through the law of resonance. That frequency of light is now emanating from every cell in the body, each system operating from that vibration. All cellular functions and system communication within the body will carry the vibration that began within the brain and nervous system.

Now, imagine yourself as a basic unit of matter, such as an atom.

Your body is the dense nucleus and is surrounded by a vast field of energy. This vast field of energy is continually interacting with all vibrations that enter the field. Imagine that the light that has expanded to all areas of the body is now filling your field, illuminating it. Now imagine yourself interacting with others, filling their field with the vibration of light you carry, their brains creating impulses from that resonance. Just as cells share their impulse through resonance, we share our vibration with those around us, especially our children. Just as the cell is the macrocosm of smaller molecules and atoms, the human body is the macrocosm of the cells, humanity the macrocosm of the human, the planet the macrocosm of life on Earth, and the universe the macrocosm of galaxies. Information is being sent from the smallest perception of our reality to the greatest. From the cell to the galaxies, it is all connected through networks and grids of energy and vibration.

Now, imagine that light instead as something of low frequency, such as anger or the thought of illness.

The vibration cascades through the body the same way. Organs and glands take on the vibration of anger, through the law of resonance, and dis-ease manifests. Emotion carries with it strong, specific vibrations. When we feel emotion it emanates from us as a vibration. There is frustration, anger, jealousy, indifference, joy, peace and contentment, to name a few. Each emotion has a unique energetic signature, or imprint.

When we feel joy, our children can feel the resonance of that joy and react to it. Just as when our cells take in the frequency of the food we eat, so too do the cells take on and manifest the resonance of the emotional environment. We are often unaware that we carry the emotional imprints of our thoughts, our parents, our culture and the people we interact with day to day. We express these imprints through vibration manifested as emotion, and actions guided by emotions. Before it manifests as action or emotion, it exists as a subtler entity—a vibration.

With the advent of epigenetics and nutrigenomics, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of how our environment, food and emotions imprints on our genomic information. Many of us also know that our children’s sensitivity exceeds our own. They are wide open and receptive to these vibrations, and our conscious choices determine the vibrations they integrate into their cells. Our ancestors have unconsciously imprinted within our genetic material a low-frequency vibration resonant with the devastations and turmoil of the past. If the low-frequency emotional conditions remain, our cells begin to manifest the dis-ease of the imprint. When we shift the vibration, we shift the expression of the cells. We fundamentally shift from dis-ease into vibrancy.