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From Distress To Express

By Steve Tullius, DC

This is Hector. He is living with the effects of autism. The changes he has experienced since starting chiropractic care are simply amazing. When he first came in to the office, he was in extreme distress. It’s hard to even list all his improvements since then, as there have been so many.

  • On his first few visits, he would scream constantly and try to bite his parents. He is now calm and relaxed, and no longer trying to bite. Instead he gives kisses and hugs.

  • He is now interested in exploring his environment and able to play at the park with his parents, when before he had no interest.

  • He is able to communicate with his parents, when before he had very little ability to communicate his needs.

  • His eyes are focused and relaxed, observing and making eye contact with others, not darting around the room constantly.

  • His teachers have all noted phenomenal changes in his ability to focus, participate and begin to learn various tasks.

  • His fine motor skills have dramatically improved.

All of this was possible simply by restoring the integrity of the nervous system connection between his body and brain through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments. One day in my lifetime, the world will understand what it has been missing for far too long.