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Vaccine Questions That Expose Mandatory Vaccines

1) How will a kid’s mandatory tetanus shot prevent your kid from getting tetanus? If the answer is “It won’t,” why would it be mandated?

2) If a kid caught the ACTUAL chicken pox (and wild-strain immunity) so there’s no logical need for the vaccine, why can they not attend school without that shot? Can they get a titer test to prove immunity? If so, shouldn’t your vaccinated kid have to prove his/her immunity via titer as well?

3) A 2 hour old newborn is healthy, born in USA (one of lowest Hep B rates in the world,) no blood transfusions, not sexually active or needle sharing. Given that there is literally ZERO risk of Hep B for this newborn, why are we administering a Hep B shot at birth? – If your answer includes something along the lines of “Although Hep B is primarily a sexually transmitted/needle sharing disease, it’s blood-borne so it COULD be transmitted if infected blood or bodily fluids finds it’s way into your kid’s bloodstream… etc.” – If this is an ACTUAL probability (which I don’t believe it to be,) why are Hepatitis B positive children and teachers still allowed to attend and teach in schools?

4) The FDA outlines no more than 5mcg of injected Aluminum per kg of body weight for Neonates, due to aluminum toxicity: . Therefore, according to the FDA, a 5 pound baby’s MAXIMUM Injected aluminum dosage would be no more than 11mcg. Please explain how 250 mcg of aluminum in one .5 mL Hep B injection is safe for my 5 pound newborn?

5) As you may well know, Vaccine manufacturers are legally shielded from lawsuits by the US government’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. If The States will be mandating these medical products and go as far to endorse them as “safe,” should the State also be responsible for guaranteeing batch quality and assuming all legally culpability should these mandated vaccines somehow harm? Why doesn’t the pediatrician or even the American Medical Association should assume full liability prior to administration of these endorsed products.

6) If the unvaccinated are a threat to the immuno-compromised, the vaccinated, and the greater “herd” (as purported) why aren’t we mandating updated vaccinations for all adults teaching, working, or visiting schools and Daycare? Better yet, all adults? Less than 20% of the population is comprised of kids. What good is a mandate that is solely focused on the vaccination of school children? There’s no disagreement that vaccine immunity wanes, and most adults haven’t had all of their shots updated in the last 5, 10, or even 20 years – much less titer tested to gauge their current immunity to these illnesses.

7) Proponents propose that this mandate will protect the immunocomprimised and those too young to be vaccinated. A recent study suggests some 60% of Doctors are unvaccinated ( ) They are also not mandated to be current on vaccination like nurses and healthcare workers. Shouldn’t these doctors who are coming into regular contact with infants and the immunocomprimised be forcibly vaccinated as well?

-Pathways Magazine