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The Instinct and Willpower of Your Microbiome

By Tania Rodriguez-Arias N.D

It’s all in the gut: bacteria and enzymes to digest our food, the inner feeling that we get about people and situations, the butterflies in the stomach when we are nervous about something, and the drive and assertiveness to follow through as we trust our capacity to fulfill our dreams.

Cutting-edge research and studies have shown the interconnection between our gut and our brain, mainly connected through the vagus nerve,  surrounded by an intricate web of nerve endings and hormones streaming along both ends. This chemical information absorbed by our cells changes depending on our thoughts, emotions, and the food we eat.

We have learned that we can block our growth hormones if we have fear about the growing up process on an emotional basis, even though we might get proper nourishment through food. We also know now that cleansing our digestive tract can clear out depression and brain fog. It works both ways around.

In Eastern medicine, which has always been integrative by nature on a subtle level, the gut is placed on the third chackra– also known as the solar plexus or power chackra– which is the center for self-esteem, self-respect, intuition, and willpower. It’s situated where our digestive system is, so no wonder it provides us the ability to take action and to show confidence and reliability in the world.

Even if we raise our children with a consciousness to add value to the world from and authentic place of who they really are, (in the best case scenario so to speak, instead of making them fulfill our own inner dreams about who we want them to become) we have to address a few issues concerning the solar plexus. The first thing we should take into account would be their microbiome with organic super foods, probiotic foods or supplements, and a clean, nourishing diet.

Allowing them to have a self-made perception of who they really are and the beautiful value they can put into their community through different activities that might suit their nature such as sports, arts, science, giving them credit and positive feedback about taking action towards their dreams, encourages a sense of self esteem and the willingness to continue making an effort for what they want.

The resilience to pick ourselves up when things don’t go the way we expected and the motivation to follow through, regardless of the results, will ensure the ability to meet life’s natural challenges to learn our soul lessons through our life journey.

Growing up is a never-ending process. Life is constantly changing, and we need to feel nourished and satisfied with the journey.

Tania Rodriguez-Arias N.D, is a board certified Naturopathy physician, certified in Homeopathy and has specialized in pediatric care. She is also a qualified school teacher. She blends her knowledge on children’s cognitive and emotional development with her skills on integrative medicine. Her website is