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The Gift by Jonas Marry, BS, DC

We cry and give thanks for our new arrival

pledging to keep safe and ensure their survival.

We do all the things we’re told to do

never realizing at times our actions untrue.

For that child you see before you today

grew from two cells in precisely the way,

God has intended, from inside to out

not needing drugs to wipe the bugs out!

He provided us all with a nervous system;

we need only trust and quietly listen.

The voice from within will always be there

it tells of the way to build eyes, feet, and hair.

There is never a time that this is not so

for perfection lies in the way that we grow!

Subluxation free power throughout

Innate turned on is what chiropractic’s about!

Dr. Marry graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1999. He has been in private practice in the south Pittsburgh area for 16 years. The focus of his office is families and children with his youngest patient being just 3 min old. Visit his website: