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Our Perspective

By Dr. Jonas Marry

A child is born out of love and desire. They enter this world through a ring of hot fire. We smile and rejoice at the time of arrival never knowing how each moment of their survival is being decided not based on luck or mere hope but instead resides on the position of bones.

We look as they hold their head to one side only seeing through eyes that are filled full of pride. We don’t see imperfections and ignore all the bruising saying in time, it was all so confusing. I don’t know what was done, it matters not now for our baby is here and what’s one little howl.

They all cry at birth, that’s the way that it is. The doctor was sure handed with those forceps (vacuum, cesarean) that whiz he only had to pull just a few times and out popped our baby somewhat shaken and blind.

The lights were bright but he had to see. Sure it was loud, wasn’t your delivery? They took him now, hurry clean all the mess! Oh that monitor well, there was some distress, but he’s ok now except for the ear infections, asthma and irritable bowel.

The medicine does cost, and side effects severe; once so bad blood trickled from his ear. We know of nothing else we could possibly do. Our friend did speak of a doctor she knew. He is a chiropractor so we are not sure, but she swears by his method unadulterated and pure, and she says there’s no drugs or even shots. I pondered a system that could heal without thought.

Of all of the wonderful things that medicine brought. Look at our son he’s a perfect example, Is he not…?

Dr. Marry has been serving families in the Pittsburgh area for 16 years. He is also teaching core chiropractic principles in his community and local universities.

Dr. Marry graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1999. He has been in private practice in the south Pittsburgh area for 16 years. The focus of his office is families and children with his youngest patient being just 3 minutes old.

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