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Juice Fasting in the Eyes of an Elder

She seemed incredibly youthful to be in her late 80’s. Her daughter, probably 65 years of age, stood next to her quietly, while the broadcaster, microphone in hand, asked cordially,

“What is your secret to such a long and healthy life?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, as if she’d been waiting to give this message to those who would listen, she said, “Just be very nice, and kind, to everyone you see….just be very kind.”

The sweetness of her voice would have melted the broadcaster’s heart, a man who had no intention to disagree with her, valid and true as her words felt to the core of anyone listening. But his mission was specific. He was making a documentary about the health benefits of juice-fasting. So he asked her more specifically,

“How do you feel about juicing…?”

Her reply, swift and tenderly, came with a nod of approval,

“Well, that’s good…” She said, “if you don’t want to be constipated…”

One couldn’t help but laugh along with the interviewer. But better than this, anyone who had identified with the value of juicing, feeling like they had the edge on superior health, had been booted off that edge by an old and wise lady, sweet and true as could be.

This documentary, having intended to uncover the secret of health and longevity, did so by accident, through a short, peripheral exchange with a wise and loving grand mother.

What’s the lesson to be gained from this?

Today, you can truly accomplish amazing things. For example, you can prepare and consume fresh squeezed vegetable juice in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can ingest the nutrients of 100 different wild plants in a single vegetable capsule.  You can devote a daily routine to all kinds of health practices, old and new, and hold them all in high regard.

As a result, your body and mind will feel great. But this greatness will only be felt by you. Kindness bestowed on others is felt by many. And that is why it is the key to a long, well-lived life.

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