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Chiropractic Connections


Village: Our Loss, Our Longing by Jessica Rios

Chiropractic Connection:

While chiropractic serves the individual to increase the life expression of the body, a community effect is generated from every adjustment. Just consider the impact a single person’s improved health and new expression might have on his or her group of friends. What choices or directions will they take as a result? Without the need to be outgoing or to be “the life of the party,” simply existing in better health can have a silent and positive effect on the people around you.
Chiropractors are often some of the most engaged community members representing the field of health and well-being. Chiropractors offer something for the individual which they also hope to see unfold in the world at large–greater life expression and alignment with the forces which animate humanity. The experience of a single adjustment can bring a person back to health. Then there’s the philosophy underpinning the chiropractic adjustment which can help heal the community at large.



Ask What, Not How by Vince Gowmon 

Chiropractic Connection:  

The human nervous system is fundamental to how we perceive the world. Could inhibitory, survival-based perceptions be the result of built-up subluxations and interferences to our nervous systems?
When we ask “how” instead of “what” with our kids, (for instance ask “how” our child is going to achieve their dream of becoming an astronaut instead of asking “what” they might discover out in space), we may think we are encouraging rational thinking, but it could simply be that our nervous systems are under tremendous stress affecting the ability to think playfully.
Here’s why:
When stressed, the brain engages in life-saving functions and modes of perception which result in fewer “higher cognitive” functions associated with playfulness and open dreaming. Stress cuts us off from the idea that we even have time for fun and play.
With chiropractic, we can re-open our nervous system, reduce the stress it feels while also adjusting the body to be more resilient to future stress. For the sake of our kids and ourselves, we can learn to live more in our higher cognitive modes which ask “what” instead of “how.”



Building Resilience in a Fight-or-Flight World by Satya Sardonicus, D.C. 

Chiropractic Connection:

As a parent, most of our stresses are centered on our children. We are bound to be stressed out as our children grow to stand on their own two, wobbly feet. From an early age, their fate is almost sealed for injuries to occur. Partly, we know this and accept it, but another part is inherently fearful for their safety.
Parental fears are easily interpreted as a sign of mistrust by the child. It’s desirable to show our children courage and trust, even when the chaos of the unknown presents itself. There’s much we are not able to know about our children’s well-being. To turn this into fear is a sad consequence of not seeing the innate intelligence alive and present within our children.
The beauty of chiropractic is in the recognition of the innate intelligence within each and every person. The value of chiropractic is in strengthening the connection we each have to our greater intelligence, so that the body and mind can work in alignment with it. Any child under chiropractic care will be more awake, more attuned, and more resilient than he or she was before. Parents can take heart in this fact and learn to trust in their child’s physical abilities and well-being, instead of fearing for their safety along the way. Through the principles and practice of chiropractic we can all come to know, once and for all, that our children have an innate intelligence that keeps them safe.