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7 Practices Great for Your Emotional Health

By Natalie Sager, Certified Holistic Healer, Certified Pilates Instructor

1. You are what you think

Our thoughts consume us. All day. Everyday. We think about our kids, our parents, our friends. We worry about work and finances and accomplishing the days goals. We fear accidents and illnesses and death. We daydream about living a life of ease and serenity. We analyze past conversations and dissect every angle of our life. We plot and plan and organize. We create chaos between our ears and stress in our souls. We begin changing the cell structure in our bodies which in turn affects the future of our lives.

We have 50 trillion cells in our body and every second, every thought is releasing different neurohormones that go into our cell membranes to signal to the brain that we can change the way DNA makes protein.

We have a lot of thoughts everyday, thousands and thousands of thoughts. Thoughts translate into chemistry through our nervous system. A thought of love translates in the brain into wonderful hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Then suddenly we feel a surge of love and energy.

2. Positive and negative thoughts are profoundly affecting our future

Stress is the greatest cause of cancer and disease in the world. Positive thinking can promote healing, but negative thinking is equally as powerful in creating disease and even death. Positive and negative thoughts are profoundly affecting our future.

Thoughts give rise to emotions. Emotions rule our moods and minds and therefore affect our relationships with ourselves and others. When we learn to see the world differently we can enjoy a much healthier, happier life. Because our thoughts shape our lives, we would be remiss to ignore the gab between our ears.

How many of our thoughts are positive, inspiring, motivating, and calming thoughts? How many are negative, judgmental, self-deprecating thoughts?

 Once we become aware of our thoughts and where our minds automatically go when put in stressful situations, we can either continue down the path of negativity, or we can change our pattern and decide to be happier.

It really is that simple.

Our thought patterns can directly influence our day, our week, our life. The beauty and simplicity of that is in the realization that we have the power to manipulate our thoughts and reconfigure our hearts purpose by simply acknowledging our thoughts and thought patterns.

3. Realizing your truth, is the first step in taking control of your potential

In addiction therapy, people are successful when they admit they have a problem. When they are aware that there is an issue that they need to work on, they are able to heal. Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step in successfully overcoming their addiction.

Because, as a society, we have this visceral reaction to the word addiction, admitting there is a problem is a problem in and of itself. It’s a double edge sword. But, the fact is, we are all addicted. Some addictions are healthy and nourish our eternal light and some addictions are self-sabotaging and are eating away at our hearts potential. Acknowledging your addiction, declaring it to be true, admitting the existence of your attachment, or realizing your truth, is the first step in taking control of your potential.

Once you have honored that certitude with honesty and candor, then you can move forward. At that point you are ready to progress. Progress is never a final destination, it is just the tool and the fire to keep you moving forward in a positive and constructive direction.

4. We need contrast and growth in our lives to help us appreciate more

We explain addiction as a weakness or a defect. We think of it as failure or a massive shortcoming. The word addiction and depression tend to go hand in hand because we are looking at addictions as a negative fault rendering us imperfect. However, we do not have to define addiction literally. Instead, we can use the definition and suggest to ourselves that addiction is a tool to help us improve our current situation. If there was no addiction, there would be no need for growth. And, without growth there is no contrast. We need contrast and growth in our lives to help us appreciate our lives. There is simplicity and depth in every experience.

 It is our moral obligation to our souls, ourselves, our communities, and our families to acknowledge our addictions and then empower our thoughts to take honorable action in pursuing the higher good for ourselves and for others.

Remember, addiction does not have to imply alcohol or drugs, sex or stealing, violence or hate. You can be addicted to food, or exercise, attention, or guilt. You can be addicted to people or certain types of people. You can be addicted to shopping or materialism. You can be addicted to TV and the media. You can be addicted to video games or gossip magazines. You can be addicted to feelings, emotions, thought patters, moods, relationships, etc.

5. Become fully present and in the moment

Once you have honed in on your addictions and your “weaknesses”, you can begin your path to self-awareness. You will become more sensitive to your thoughts, your words and your actions.

 I love the term “consciously aware” because it implies that you are fully present and in the moment when you say, do, or think something. If we all live our lives with constant conscious awareness we would have the power to truly feel and bask in the glory of life’s offerings. We would be in such awe of the world and the people in it, that our entire lives would shift.

 The beauty of this is that we really do have that power. We have the inherent intuition which originates in the mind. It’s not metaphorical or philosophical, it is a reality we must drink with enthusiasm and respect. When we are ready to digest the Universes capabilities we are permitting ourselves to Be. To be in the moment, to be alive, to be intuitive, to be heard, to be loved, to be helpful, to be worthwhile, to be blessed, to be productive, to be you.

6. Learn to love yourself

Self-discovery is one of life’s most cherished gifts we can give ourselves. Learning to not only love yourself but contriving the meaning behind your existence will bring you to a place of peace and true contentment.

 We have the innate ability to tap into our inner being and develop our future success and usefulness. Our energetic field of power has the ability to attract anything we desire into our lives. The possibilities and potential prospects are infinite. In order to use our intrinsic ability to discover our purpose, we need to become aware of the mind chatter in our heads.

Our thoughts are energy, our physical bodies are energy, our relationships are energy, we are filled and surrounded with energy from the universe and its electric field. When we use these energetic thoughts  in a beneficial way, we are contributing to the betterment of the world. And, when we give to the world, we feed our souls purpose.

It is a circle. A circle of being, a circle of energy; a ripple effect where one thought or action will influence or impact the next thought or action. What we don’t realize is that we have countless opportunities everyday to positively feed ourselves which will then feed others.

7. Start seeing your glass as half full

What are you thinking about right now? Is it serving you or others? What kind of language are you using when you are thinking? Positive, optimistic, encouraging, and loving thoughts? Or draining, depressing, painful thoughts that are negatively affecting your mood. In the simplest of terms, are you a glass half full, or a glass half empty type of person?

 Every second of everyday we are thinking, whether we are of present mind to realize that is another story, which is why it is so important for us to become aware of the buzz inside our minds. Before we react, we have to actively think about what is going to come out of our mouths and how that will potentially affect the being we are connected to and connecting with. Acknowledge the monologue in your mind and change is on its way.

natalie-headshotHi, My name is Natalie Sager, the Modern Hippie Mama and I am bringing Hippie back! My company, HeWeLoHa is a groovy acronym for Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. I am a Mama to my amazingly delicious sons, Jonah, and his baby brother, Skye. My mission is to inspire, educate & empower fellow Hippie Mama’s to take control of their HeWeLoHa. As the main power houses in the home we can then create a ripple effect to our family, friends, community and beyond. As Martin Luther King so simply put, “I have a dream.” My dream is to reach as many Mama’s across the world so that we can positively shift the mental, physical, and spiritual health for the collective benefit. My dreams are big, my vision is clear, my enthusiasm and determination are contagious.