Work As A Team In Pregnancy And Birth PDF

Work As A Team In Pregnancy And Birth

Imagine if you were part of the hundreds of fathers and mothers who developed the Birthing Better skills. What would be your motivation? What would you want to achieve from using skills to birth your baby no matter the circumstances?

Here’s what we wanted:

  • To work together effectively in pregnancy, birth and while parenting
  • To have skills so we, Women, didn’t ‘suffer’ in childbirth or left with trauma
  • To try to reduce or prevent any ‘issues/risks’ each of us might have from becoming a ‘problem’ that might become a ‘tragedy’.
  • To have the skills to work alongside any type of medical care
  • To know as a man, father, husband/partner that we could keep up with the changes in pregnancy, actively participate in pregnancy/preparing for birth/in birth, please our pregnant partner, not be afraid of our newborn and know we would be a truly effective birth-coach

Here are the Teamwork skills we developed.

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