Overview Of Our Birthing Pelvis PDF

Overview Of Our Birthing Pelvis

How familiar are you with your pelvis? If you’ve labored and given birth vaginally before, you know a big object is coming out … whether it was easy or hard! If you had a non-laboring Caesarean, you might not know much. If you labored and ended up with an unplanned Caesarean you might feel as though you can’t birth vaginally. If you’re a first-time mother, you might think: ‘What pelvis?’

Our birthing pelvis is really the most important part of our body in relation to our baby because it’s 4 bones that create a hard ‘tube’ through which a big object has to move through. Birth is an exercise in plumbing (as Birthing Better fathers understood). A big object has to come down, through and out our body.

The pelvic bony tube is surrounded by soft tissue. You’re about to learn about both.

The Mp4 video you’ll also get in this FREE online birthing class will teach you how to ‘Map Your Pelvis’ so you fully understand how big the inside of that bony pelvic tube is. Please map your partner’s pelvis as well so you have a comparison!

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