Sustainable Adaptable and Adjustable Birth Breathing PDF

Sustainable Adaptable and Adjustable Birth Breathing

You’re reading this and breathing in and breathing out and repeating that over and over and over again.

During the birth of your baby, you’ll be breathing in and breathing out.

Now imagine when you felt intense pain. Did your breathing change? Of course, it did!

There are so many really important Birthing Better skills and breathing is one. Even when these skills were developing in the US in the 1970s, Lamaze, and The Bradley Method breathing techniques were wide-spread and well-know. Yes, these methods worked for some and not for many for several reasons.

  • These techniques weren’t adaptable so didn’t work for all birth
  • They targeted ‘low risk’ pregnant women having a ‘low risk’ birth

In other words, Birthing Better families developed skills for all births and would work for everyone.

Did you know that all human beings breathe in only four ways or their variations?  We had to figure that out and we’re sharing those skills.

You will find the best ways for you to breathe throughout your birth experience. As one Birthing Better woman said in the middle of her 5th birth: ‘The choice I had to make was how to inhale and how to exhale’. Most people don’t have a clue what that sentence means. Birthing Better families know exactly. She adapted each inhalation and every exhalation to her need at each moment.

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