Non-laboring Elective And Planned Caesarean PDF

Non-laboring Elective And Planned Caesarean

Within the present childbirth conversation non-laboring, elective, planned Caesarean seems the polar opposite to a labor and vaginal birth. Birthing Better families saw things differently.

However, we birthed our baby, it was our birth. We used our skills to make the most of this amazing birth journey. Honestly, Birthing Better started before women had ‘choices’ so we were disappointed. We just wanted to be more involved, not suffer, and try to reduce any risks from becoming risky problems.

We invented skills to self-empower ourselves. We hope you’ll make the same choice.

Do as we did. Enjoy preparing your body to give birth. It’s fun and brings you closer to the experience. Your mind knows you won’t labor, your body doesn’t.

Then learn the birth and birth-coaching and use them as you’re going to the hospital, while being prepped and during surgery. You’re having your baby. Birth with skills.You’ll be more involved.

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