Map Your Bony Pelvis Mp4

Map Your Bony Pelvis

You can only ‘map’ the outlet of your bony tube. The inlet is found at the top of your pubic bone. You can feel the mid-pelvis but only when you feel inside. You’ll learn how to do that and prepare your baby’s birth canal (your vagina) in one of the lessons in most of the online birthing classes.

We can almost hear you thinking ‘YUK. I’m not sticking my finger up in there’.

To map the outlet of your pelvis, you can do it with your clothes on! But get over your ‘yuk’. If you labor and give birth vaginally, you can reduce life-long trauma to your vagina and body if you do the Internal Work. Five minutes a day for 8 weeks is worth the benefits … but that’s a story for another day.

Mapping your Pelvis will help you help your baby to move down, through and out of your body. You’ll apply this skill in every position you get into during birth and also how you can create more space if your baby needs you to.

PS. Ignore the clothes on the woman and man. Clothing styles change, our human body hasn’t forever and won’t.