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Birth Skills Deal With The Two Elements

Since the 1980s, the conversation about childbirth has become increasingly more confusing because of two simple words: normal and natural.

What do those words evoke to you when thinking about childbirth, perhaps your birth/s, or what the societal message is?

This video takes the time to explain the two normal and natural elements of childbirth … women ‘suffering’ and ‘risks’.

Sadly, the Natural Birth Movement focused on the latter rather than the former and the conclusion was: ‘Pregnancy and childbirth are normal life events that rarely require medical care’. In other words, the ‘suffering’ was ignored and the ‘risks’ were as well.

When hundreds of fathers and mothers developed all the Birthing Better skills, we focused on both because both ‘suffering’ and ‘risks’ and ‘problems’ are normal and natural in pregnancy and childbirth.

Once we sort this out, then we can do what is normal and natural … to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills during pregnancy and then use those skills as we do the activity of birthing our babies to reduce and prevent ‘suffering’ and ‘risks’ from becoming ‘problems’.

And if there are ‘problems’ then our skills help us cope. In other words, our birth skills normally and naturally help us cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top of and feel in control no matter where we birth, who is present, what happens to or around us, what our beliefs are/choices we have/lack of choices or change of choices.

We can all birth our babies with dignity and birth better once we become skilled to do this one-off, infrequent, never to be repeated, life-transforming activity.