Fathers As Great Birth-Coaches Mp3

Fathers As Great Birth-Coaches

You might know that in the 1970s in the US the very first childbirth preparation classes ever taught. These classes were entirely skills-based as Lamaze and The Bradley Method (Husband coached childbirth).

I’m both the Director of Common Knowledge Trust that houses all the Birthing Better skills, and I helped develop these skills, and I gave birth in 1970, and I used Lamaze skills, and my husband ‘coached’ me.

Multiple millions of birthing women in the US used some level of birth skills in their baby’s birth, and multiple millions of men, fathers, and husbands/partners had some level of learned birth-coaching skills. Fathers were expected to coach.

Do you know what the benefits were? Women didn’t ‘suffer’ as much as they always have just by lacking skills! We coped, managed, worked through, dealt with handled, stayed on top of, and felt in control. That is such a BIG accomplishment!

Then in the 1980s, the childbirth conversation and preparation changed. Apparently, Lamaze and The Bradley Method really only focused on ‘low risk’ birthing women instead of the 100% of pregnant women who will give birth one way or another.

Pretty nuts when you think about it. We all breathe and can use good breathing skills when we work through the activity of birthing our baby. Birth is so infrequent, a one-off, can’t be replayed the next day, is life-transforming, and is remembered forever. Birthing Better families wanted effective skills to do this incredibly dynamic activity. And, they wanted to do it together no matter how their birth unfolded.

Fathers equally developed all these Birthing Better skills.