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What I Believe

By Alvin De Leon, DC

I believe we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. Each and every one of us at some point in our lives has witnessed the body’s amazing healing capabilities, whether it was from a cut, a fracture, or even an infection. I believe that you know your body better than anyone else. Deep down, maybe you’re questioning whether the key to being healthy really lies in our genetics, in avoiding environmental toxins, or in improving our dietary and lifestyle choices. Perhaps the secrets to health lie within us and not something on the outside.

My story began as I held my 2-year-old son in my arms as he was having a febrile seizure. It was the longest and most helpless 30 seconds I’ve ever experienced. The period after the seizure was a real low point in my life. I was confused and overwhelmed; I felt like I’d failed as a father. I thought we’d done everything we were supposed to do in order to raise a healthy family, and yet there was no explanation why this happened. I also felt embarrassed as a health practitioner. How was I supposed to help my patients get healthy if I couldn’t do it for my own family?

The days that followed my son’s seizure were filled with confusion, anxiety, and overwhelm. I felt powerless and scared. But during those dark times I reached a decision. I realized that even though I didn’t understand how everything happened, it didn’t mean that the answers weren’t out there somewhere. I decided to uncover them. It’s funny how motivated we can get to learn something new when our current understanding of how things work no longer applies. That was a turning point in my life. I became very inspired to learn as much as I could about health and healing, to challenge everything I was being taught, and to keep searching until something made sense for me. Maybe you’re on a similar journey.

It was on this path that I serendipitously came across a revolutionary health paradigm discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, known as German New Medicine (or GNM). GNM is a complete scientific system that explains the cause, the development, and the natural healing of diseases based on Five Biological Laws of Nature. It explained a lot of the things that could not be explained by my old health paradigm, with answers that are based in science, embryology, and human evolution. Something just felt right to me about GNM. My life changed once I truly took the time to understand and embrace the Five Biological Laws. I finally felt empowered and liberated from the fears that we all have about our health.

Like any new perspective, it presented certain challenges. Not everyone wanted to hear about a different way to understand their symptoms. People just couldn’t wrap their heads around it. They would say to me, “You’re telling me that all the diseases and ailments in the world can be mapped out in the brain and are tied to unexpected conflict shocks that people subconsciously perceive in their lives? I don’t buy it! It can’t be that simple!” Well, I’m here to tell you that it is that simple. It is not necessarily easy to apply, but it is that simple! The first step is a willingness to see our symptoms and diseases differently.

That’s what I did. I didn’t base my opinion on what people said or what I read; I decided I was going to experience it for myself. I started to implement the Five Biological Laws in my life first, and then slowly incorporated them into my practice. It was really challenging at first, like learning any new skill. It takes practice, persistence, and patience, especially because it’s a whole new way of thinking about health. But it didn’t take long for me to start to learn how to identify conflicts, how to ask the right questions, and how to make the connections.

I started to see immediate results. The more I observed the Five Biological Laws all around me, the more confidence I had in the validity of its work, and the more it expanded my clinical practice. People were amazed at how quickly they were getting relief, and how logical it was…and so they began to tell others. Soon I had people from 35 countries watching my webinars, attending workshops, and asking questions in order to get a better understanding of this health paradigm. Patients began helping their own families and friends identify their conflicts. People finally started to take control of their health!

I believe that you too can learn to implement the Five Biological Laws in your life—and once you get relief from your symptoms, it will change the way you live forever. We are all so tired of being fearful and worried about our health, or our family’s health. I envision a future where we are no longer afraid about what we eat, or worried to shake someone’s hand or hold a door handle without using sanitizer. I believe in a world where our children will no longer be afraid of any disease—especially cancer—and will ask questions like, “Daddy, what conflict causes lung cancer?” I foresee a future where patient-centered care really means that the patient is in charge, and is honored as the expert of his body, and where therapeutic suggestions and recommendations are provided without fear, guilt, or coercion. I believe that deep down we all want to be in charge of our health, but we have never been given the opportunity. I think the time has come! The time to embrace a new health perspective is now.