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Embracing Our Ancestral and Environmental Harmony

By Molly Peralta, DC

Living in rapport to your environment, deep within each of us, we carry the sacred “spark of life,” a charge passed down through generations of mothers and grandmothers, encoded within our very essence. This energetic impulse, known as the mitochondrial charge, connects us intimately to the tapestry of our ancestral lineage. It speaks of the legacy we inherit, the whispers of wisdom and resilience woven into the very fabric of our being.

With this understanding, it feels deeply relevant to delve into the wisdom of the women in your ancestral line. Exploring what women in our lineage were doing, eating, embracing and how they moved can unlock a wealth of information that links to who you are and how you operate on this planet. Similarly, the babies we bring forth into this world, the beings of the next generation, carry within them the legacy of our collective past.

As I have embarked on my pregnancy journey, I am called to explore my family of origin, originating from Germany with Northern European ancestry. What did we need to do to sustain our genetic legacy? We had to consume larger quantities of food, and generate higher levels of heat to survive in that latitude. Our bodies evolved to be larger and sturdier, and we toiled diligently during the summer months in anticipation of potential scarcity during winter. This haplotype relationship is drastically different from my husband’s family, who grew up in Hawaii and the Philippines—closer to the equator, blessed with abundant heat and higher photosynthetic rates. They did not require large bone structures but rather developed smaller, efficient bodies due to their close connection to the sun. Food thrives there almost year-round, creating a vastly distinct experience in the growth of their genetic lineage.

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