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Discoveries of the Nervous System

By John Ohm

Humanity is going through a great awakening, where the focus of attention in matters of health are shifting from external factors to the internal workings of the nervous system. Groundbreaking discoveries have been made regarding the intelligent operation of the brain and central nervous system that offer key insights into our health. With these discoveries, scientific medicine can no longer stand firm on a strictly mechanistic interpretation of biology. There is, in fact, an innate intelligence orchestrating all manifestations of life. Through the process of our own conscious integration, we can free the power of this intelligence. This means we, ourselves, hold the key to our health.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to German New Medicine: Experiences in Practice by Dr. Katherine Willow, N.D. It is my hope that this awareness grows and that the calling to evolve our understanding of life reaches all who are interested. Let us enter a new paradigm of medicine!

Thank you for taking the time to investigate German New Medicine (GNM), a set of proposed discoveries about disease and healing. I hope they will benefit you and your family. Furthermore, my hope is that influential readers will be inspired to initiate and support the research necessary to begin integrating GNM into our medical system.

I am convinced that these discoveries are important contributions to medicine and can change how we understand and treat disease. GNM may be a pivotal insight that leads us to success with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and many other conditions.

The core premises of German New medicine were discovered in the late 1970s by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a medical doctor in Germany. Dr. Hamer continued to unravel their mysteries amidst the controversy that tends to surround groundbreaking discoveries until his death in July 2017.

After encountering GNM in 2001, I have been using it in my practice of naturopathic medicine since 2003. The startling results I have seen with my patients compel me to share my experiences. This book is a summary of the new laws described by Dr. Hamer together with patient stories that demonstrate how they work.

From what I have seen, these new principles have the potential to improve our understanding of medicine, both mainstream and alternative. I have observed that applying them correctly can increase the survival rate and quality of life for people with many diseases, both physical and mental, with less treatment than I ever thought possible.

Unlike energy medicine and its parent, quantum physics, GNM is based on our primordial past, still imprinted on our brain and displayed by our embryology, no matter how civilized we like to think we are. By showing us how this past still influences us, GNM gives us revelations about how we understand ourselves as human beings.

Please be patient as you read this book. GNM is a wholly new paradigm, flying in the face of what we thought we knew about disease and cure. It takes time to digest and understand. Many outspoken critics of GNM have skimmed its parts and condemned it without comprehending its entirety. When thoroughly understood and correctly applied, it offers verifiable results as I have experienced firsthand.

Voices from all corners of medicine make similar claims of cures using various substances and techniques. I have investigated several in hopes of helping my patients; some of them are useful while others mainly support commercial interests.

GNM is different from anything I have seen in the healthcare field. It is not a product or technique, nor does it limit the type of medicine used in treatment to either mainstream or alternative practices. GNM offers a set of new principles for all of medicine, a new understanding of how and why we become ill and how we heal—which can be applied by any practitioner for better results with their patients.

GNM was originally termed New Medicine by Dr. Hamer and then copyrighted by him as German New Medicine to differentiate his findings from other versions of the term “New Medicine.”

Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine attracted considerable commentary and reaction, which will be briefly summarized, however this book will focus mainly on clinical efficacy. Much more background information is available on Ilsedora Laker’s website, for those who are interested. —Katherine Willow, N.D.

German New Medicine presents discoveries of the brain and nervous system that validate the mind-body connection to disease. Specifically, it shows how traumatic conflicts in life—identifiable on a brain CT scan as circular lesions—cause symptoms in corresponding organs of the body. These discoveries grant predictability in the phenomenon of disease.

GNM shows that the organ-brain connection behind disease symptoms is part of a larger adaptive intelligence proceeding in the body. Here we see how organisms respond to traumatic, isolating conflicts with intelligent adaptations. These adaptations are called biological programs. Directed from the brain, they organize changes in a specific organ’s function, giving the organism a boost in overcoming the unique conflict. These changes may often go unnoticed until the conflict is resolved, at which point the body begins to reverse the organ adaptation, resulting in inflammation and symptoms.

German New Medicine offers a set of new principles for all of medicine, a new understanding of how and why we become ill and how we heal—which can be applied by any practitioner for better results with their patients.

It is amazing to know that microbes operate in accordance with the nervous system. Microbes, when signaled, help bring adapted organs back to their pre-adaptation state of balance. This process is capable of “running its course” when properly supported. Intense fear can limit this process tremendously. However, awareness of the underlying emotional conflict that was responsible for the organ adaptation helps the mind and body to release and heal in profound ways.