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What If… Spring Brought Us New Perspectives

By Jen Groover

Spring is upon us once again! It’s officially the time for the air to get warmer and sweeter, the flowers to return, the birds to come home, and for us all to check up on how we’re doing in regard to our New Year’s resolutions.

Okay, okay, so the latter isn’t actually a true function of spring but it does help me illustrate a point. Do we even remember, three months after the fact, what our resolutions for the new year were? And if so, are we still continuously reflecting upon and growing from those positive changes we decided to put into action? In short— did we really make our resolution with the proper conviction and then adhere to that new doctrine of our life?

I would like to personally use the beginning of this wonderful time of year, the season of new beginnings, to propose that we all take a harder look at and gain some fresh perspective on what the true spirit and essence of a resolution should be: collective improvement. Instead of the more traditional model of focusing on the egocentric, I believe that if we made a publicly open commitment to the wellbeing of others and to societal responsibility we would feel a stronger sense of fortitude knowing that our failure to follow through would affect those beyond ourselves. I believe that when we help others we light a part inside of us that is very powerful and instinctive. A part that knows, even if we don’t, that by focusing on the greater good of those around us, we are actually helping ourselves just as much, if not more.

There are so many ways large and small to make a difference. To be unable to fit some plan of action into your life is the result of simply not looking for a way to help.

I received a holiday e-card this past season from a company that we work with stating that a donation to a reputable charitable organization had been made on my behalf. To some this might have seemed an unoriginal or easy gift but I found it particularly touching and poignant. An e-card to me doesn’t represent a lazy approach to hallmark correspondence but rather an opportunity to conserve paper and money. Even if just that savings of a few dollars (that would have been spent on the stamp and card) were the amount donated, it would be worth it. We could shift billions of dollars to needy and worthy causes if we collectively and regularly invested that small amount of money in our community and future. The possibilities that could stem from us all engaging in that one tiny act are endless.

These sorts of highly effective and thoughtful practices and their potential ramifications are what New Year’s resolutions could aspire to create and become, as could all united efforts of improvement; we don’t need a specific time of year to remind us to live a little more intelligently and to be more aware.

Figure out small but meaningful ways (i.e. e-card donations) to bring some good into the world and then ask everyone you know to join you in your resolution, or should we say movement. Doing so will help you to transcend the notion of positive change from a trite, once-a-year occurrence to that of everyday reality. Our world is primed for such a revolution of thought and action. It will only take a few to make the shift.

Why Not?

  • Take fifteen minutes and look into some of the different ways that people are trying to collectively improve our world. Research different organizations you could contribute to. Perhaps it will be one of these that fit most effectively into your lifestyle or inspires you to contact everyone you know in order to share the knowledge.
  • Ask those around you what their New Year’s resolution was and whether or not they are succeeding at upholding it. If they aren’t, ask if they would be willing to participate in a “Beginning of Spring” resolution with you and others aimed at helping worthy causes.
  • Approach every day as a day for resolution and new beginnings.
  • Commit to being a part of a movement to raise the consciousness not just for yourself but for those in need around the world.

Organizations to Consider Supporting

  • NVIC:
  • ICPA, Inc:
  • FCL:
  • HPA:
  • Water Birth International:
  • Noetic Sciences:
  • Center for a New American Dream:
  • Commercial Alert Commercial Alert:
  • TV-Turnoff Network:
  • The Organic Consumers Association:
  • Touch the Future:
  • Alliance for Childhood: