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Spiritual Ecology: The Birth Of A New Generation

By Nadine Brasunas

Our world has become overly complex, complicated, analyzed, and debated about. Pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing has become a platform for a battle in society over values and philosophies in which parents and children get bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information about “what and how to become.” There is a sensory overload, an ongoing stimulation through the media channels to keep humans on a treadmill, chasing after dreams, fantasies, pleasures, and satisfaction—yet the treadmill never leads to the true goal. In the spiral of becoming, there will never be an end to desiring more and more. The answer lies in the muchneeded guidance and wisdom in how to be, the simple recognition of the living being inside, which is natural, and so incredibly simple.

Every human on this planet is an eternal being, a vibration of energy, and, most important, a conglomerate of consciousness. The body is the conduit through which this being can navigate and operate. This simple observation forms the fundamental basis of all life, the quintessential wisdom from which all else arises.

The ancient “art of being” is lost; humans have become estranged from the unblocked expression of their essence. This is the challenge, and also an implicit opportunity for humankind to take part again in its integration to the entire existence. The lack of context with the greater life causes deep sufferings and disturbances—especially in relationships with one’s children, parents, partners, and, ultimately, oneself. This fundamental malfunctioning and the web of entanglements it creates slowly decays the living being inside, as the individual is filled with anxieties and fears about his own standing in the world.

Families and relationships fracture when the striving for individuality is greater than the communal expression of unity, and the common goal to sustain life and master the experience of what is being reflected by our family members in every moment.

Families are meant to support one another in the fulfillment of a certain purpose in life. They’re meant to go through the ups and downs together—the losses, the gains, the triumphs and struggles. Yet this world prepares children right at birth to leave the house, which fragments the cohesive energy of the family unit. We hand down the raising of the next generation to the school system, the media, and the social contexts that teach and condition children to live in the domination of the “I,” to find their own way and build a personality. Without a solid standing in their own inner nature, they won’t have the ability to meet challenges (which inevitably will come) from a place of power, and to withstand the storms of life, and be able to trust themselves. The saddest aspect of this one-dimensional reality is that in order to “become,” children have to leave behind what they are already: beings that hold a function, and who bring a fresh energy to this world.

Man, as being, as essence, doesn’t need to become or develop a character, as he already holds value in the simple act of being. Humans are caught in their own net, forgetting their contact and alliance with Nature, and even deny being rooted and held by Nature’s laws. Man sets himself in opposition to what sustains him in all ways.

What Nourishes Us?

All religions and faiths carry innately a bond to God, a higher intelligence, although not all of them share the understanding that the intimate experience of simply being may be the real contact with the living quintessence of all life, the consciousness that envelopes and permeates everything. Some call God the “Divine Mother,” a common expression in indigenous cultures that sets the tone for a close acquaintance in and from the heart. In the universe nothing would exist, from the small to the mighty, without the loving hand of the Divine Mother. Every atom, every tiny grain is nurtured, fortified, and replenished by this power of sustenance and almighty sovereignty.

Consequently, the source of every human life is this Greater Power, who gave birth to every creature. Physically, pregnancy and birth illustrate and replicate this process. A mother that is giving birth to a child creates from within her flesh a new being, infused with the intent to bring forth more life. Mothers bear life, and therefore co-create with the source of existence.

Spiritual Ecology in Daily Life

Spiritual ecology implies that Man, the living being, engages the fundamental principle of reciprocal maintenance with the source of life to sustain the integrity of the entire creation of which each creature is an integral part. Reciprocity is the participation in giving back to the creative intelligent force. It is an act of loving recognition, gratitude, and responsibility for what has been received. Simply speaking, giving and receiving are inseparable, and create a loving relationship with all living things.

Therefore, a child who learns early on to care for the earth with love, and truly understands their inherent vital role as a custodian of this earth by offering gratitude, will naturally develop a relationship to the earth. A child who perceives that his or her heart is so precious to the vital sustenance of this planet will never feel lost as a teenager in the overwhelming array of choices to “become.” It is this responsibility to care for something so majestic and important that fills them with meaning and purpose.

The Art of Being

The Art of Being begins in ourselves—by listening, by observing our own words and actions, and by modeling to the next generation how to function in harmony and balance with others. What else can parents pass to their children, fundamentally and spiritually, in order for them to perceive themselves as natural beings? Children’s lives are filled with material things, and with knowledge they mostly won’t need in mastering their lives with heart, will, determination, and self-value. Yet we expect those same children to somehow miraculously hold the torch for humanity and the next generations and provide solutions or cures to the very problems that have arisen due to the weakened standing of Man as a living being.

Every new generation is wiser than the one before, yet the sprouting of their innate potential depends on the guidance of conscious, mature, and stable parents to prepare children, humbly and patiently, to anchor themselves in the weaving of all life.

What if most things children learn, whether through schooling, social networks, or media consumption, lead them farther away from who they truly are?

According to the ancestral wisdom of my mentor, an Andean master named Koginka Kamaru Xue, the first trauma that impacts a child from early on is a lack of confirmation as a spiritual living being. All else builds upon this foundational deception, and misleads children to live outside of their original purpose.

A New Perspective on Humanity’s Future

We need a new generation to begin, one that descends from the throne of selfishness and lives from the heart, in the inner work of humility, to stop resisting what is and instead serve humanity by simply being. What is needed is the birth of beings who strive to become one again with the divine, to give and receive from the rich banquet that life offers. This is the fundamental basis for spiritual ecology. A human being is destined to achieve his own potential, the inner perfection of mastering his own experience.

A child learns what their parents are applying in their lives through observation. Every moment gives an opportunity to be conscious in navigating the challenges that come forth. This reflection to one’s offspring to learn from mistakes, to humble oneself, and be willing to achieve inner harmony and balance, is the hope for the emergence of a new generation of responsible and natural human beings.

Ask yourself: What is my relationship to this world, to Nature, and to my inner self? Do I act and operate in accordance with the laws of nature?

Am I a natural being, free from any burdens, stains on my sleeve, and residual effects from experiences in my life? Or is there the possibility that I hold tendencies, conditionings, and convictions based on culturally imposed principles and social norms?

As Koginka Kamaru Xue teaches, the real freedom in life lies in freedom from issues—freedom from what inhibits the living being to truly come forth.

The engagement of the heart, the capacity to love— to love one another, and oneself—and the inward uniting of one’s self with one’s own being and with the source of all life is the real hope and future for humanity, the real prospect of change, and the real legacy that parents can pass on to their children. It is so simple and natural, yet it requires the willingness to step out of our comforts and hold dearly the intent to stand humble and willing, in order to overcome the domination of the “I” and let the being come forth. This earth longs again for the right relationship of humans with Nature.

The transformation of Man’s whole being will lead him again into his full comprehension of what he is meant to be the true guardian and caretaker of the earth.

A Mother’s Request

My dearest child, care for the Earth as she is a part of you, a responsibility that lies in your hands. She needs your loving gratitude for all she offers. She needs your tender hands to touch her, to serene her in her pain from our neglect and misuse. Melt her heart with your dearest love! This earth is for you to live upon and take care of. She is a living being; she is consciousness, the Mother herself. This Mother gave birth to your spirit, my child, and as thus you need to love her, as part of yourself. She is not only the air you breathe, the soil from which you are nourished, but also what dwells within your own heart. You are here, my precious child with a purpose to live, to be. Never forget you came here to care for what truly sustains you with your gratitude in every moment. Greet life with your precious heart; give back to your divine Mother, as she provides for you. May your heart, my child, be filled every day with the wonder of life to see that you are a precious spirit, here to do your part of maintaining harmony and balance for all living beings. You are a divine being with a chance to correct yourself in this school of consciousness, here on earth, to hold with full integrity, dignity and solidity of a spirit what you came here to accomplish, the very reason to be. This earth, my blessed child, is for us humans to take care of and you are an integral part to bring life back into balance the way this earth was originally intended for us to live upon. Every day sing from your heart your love to the divine Mother. For all she offers, our Mother in return asks for your humble love, your humble gratitude. Make offerings at a tree, to a body of water by infusing a sacred crystal, a piece of sage, corn with your love and return it to your divine Mother. This is how it is done since time immemorial. Do your part, my child!