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March For Moms And Improvingbirth Join Forces

By Dawn Thompson

We are proud to share the news that ImprovingBirth and March for Moms will join forces to raise awareness about the need for greater investment and focus on maternal health issues in the United States. March for Moms is a multi-diverse group of professional organizations and consumer groups that are passionate about the future health and well-being of pregnant women and their families.

On Sunday, May 6, we can all make a mark in history as people gather across the country to support better health and well-being for pregnant families. Join the March for Moms at the Jefferson Memorial for fun and family-friendly experiences as we peacefully demonstrate the critical need to address the maternal health of families in our country.

This year’s March for Moms event will be held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to kick off Maternal Health Awareness Week, but not everyone can travel to the nation’s capital to participate. That’s where ImprovingBirth comes in: For the past six years, it has successfully supported local events nationwide in conjunction with the Rally to Improve Birth. The organization will bring its expertise and experience to the March for Moms, supporting sister events at the local level.