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Winter 2019

Issue 64

Birthing with the Wisdom of the Ages

Table of Contents References

Birth Is Sacred

John Ohm

Birthing with the Wisdom of the Ages

Jeanne Ohm D.C.

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Some of these quotes were originally posted on :

Birthing In Peace

Ina May Gaskin, M.A., C.P.M.

Birth, Baby, and Breastfeeding

Ian Shtulman, D.C.

(No Resources)

Chiropractic in Childbirth Education

Sarah Clark

How to Describe Birth to a First-Time Pregnant Woman

Alison Howley

( No References )

Taking Charge of Giving Birth

Cynthia Overgard

Pain in Labor: Your hormones are Your Helpers

Sarah J. Buckley, M.D.

(No Resources)

What Do We Know? Anthropology and Birth Activism

Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ph.D.

(No Resources)

Why Home Birth Is Necessary

Ina May Gaskin, C.P.M.

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You’re Not Allowed to Not Allow Me

Cristen Pascucci

(No references)

Additional Resources:


Henci Goer

Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

Kelly Brogan, M.D.

The Vital First Adjustment

Madison Snevily, D.C.

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Additional Resources:


Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

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A Way of Blessing

Georgina Kelly

(No Resources)

Vision of a Freebirth Community

Jeannine Parvati Baker


One Conscious Path in Parenting

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.