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Spring 2016

Issue 49

Beyond Babywearing: The Continuum Concept

Table of Contents References

A Message from our Editor: Liminal Consciousness

Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

Beyond Babywearing

Anne Christina Michelsen

I Became a Mother and Died to Live

Janelle Hanchett

What Happens to a Woman’s Brain When She Becomes a Mother?

Adrienne Lafrance

Molecules of Love

Marianne Littlejohn

Why Are We Asking Doctors If Women Should Have Midwives?

Cristen Pascucci


The Birth Pause

Mary Esther Malloy

Master Controls

Aimee Bautista

Grounding for Babies

Amy Phoenix

Hands that Itch to Hold the Spoon

Amy Bentley

Thinking Outside the Chair

Katy Bowman

Risky Play

Peter Gray

A Powerful Trust

Eliane Sainte-Marie

Beautiful Consequences

Sarah Maclaughlin

Faster than the Speed of Life

Nanice Ellis


Where’s My Center?

Scott Noelle

The Woman Who Chose to Plant Corn

Charles Eisenstein