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Body Ready Method

Own your pregnancy, rock your birth and recover faster with Body Ready Prenatal, Body Ready Birth and Body Ready Postpartum! Body Ready Method® brings you a research-based method to help you intentionally prepare for all types of birth.

  • In Body Ready Prenatal gain the benefits of exercise while you prepare your body with intentional training designed specifically to help the body adapt, minimize tearing/prolapse/abdominal separation and other common injuries. Take the guesswork out of training and be supported to gain confidence in yourself and your body.
  • In Body Ready Birth, work through skills and key movements to develop muscle-brain connections that help you recall how to open the pelvis at every level during birth. Understand each stage of labor and what to do to progress smoothly. Plus, get your partner involved to learn hands-on techniques they can use during birth to help with progress and comfort.
  • In Body Ready Postpartum, you can start your recovery from Day 1 with clear steps to intentionally heal incontinence, scarring, tearing, prolapse and more.

BRM® is the antidote to online confusion – all their information is filtered, vetted and collated by the BRM® team with clear steps that help get recovery started as soon as baby arrives

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“I truly believe BRM® helped me to have an unmedicated, fast delivery (16 minutes of pushing), with zero complications as a first time mom delivering a 10 lb 6 oz baby! I felt completely prepared both physically and mentally.”

Alina Lowenberger

“I truly had a very comfortable and pain free pregnancy, and I have BRM® to thank for that. The birth was also faster, with no stalling or any other issues. I recovered quickly postpartum, and my abdominal separation that I have had since my first pregnancy is notably smaller.”

Katie Lind

“I used BRM® for my own pregnancies and postpartum journeys and I felt strong going into birth and supported after birth. BRM® helped me achieve the comfortable natural childbirth experience I wanted, and also gave me the tools to recover safely. As an Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher, I love how the focus is on healing from the inside out and functional movement.”

Kinzie Eckstein