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The Time I Had a Freebirth in a Hospital

By Maryn Green

Where to begin? And what a thought that my 10th birth would show and teach me something new. My pregnancy with Rumi started, and ended, with an element of surprise. 

Rumi Sol, you are my little magic wizard baby who literally showed me your creation of the new paradigm of birth. I never expected it, but yet it was exactly what I needed (and I think the world does, too). 

In the weeks and days prior to his birth, I felt as if I was on a spiritual retreat and in constant search for more quiet and focus. I knew I had exactly what was needed, whatever that was, and connected even more to this magic being within my body. I often found myself sitting in the silence of being present without an ability to conjure up a visualization of his birth at home. I wasn’t sure if anything was meant by that, but I could not “see” in my mind his entry onto Earth in our new space (and I thought maybe it was just because the space was new?); although I could see that we’d eventually be safely tucked in bed together. These thoughts were weird and unsettling to have, and I used them as an opportunity to work through more and more fears. Whatever his birth would bring, I could do it. But I was less sure of what that was, more than I ever had been with the others. 

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