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The Internal Work

By Wintergreen

A Beloved Childbirth Preparation Skill

In a vaginal birth, everything inside is important. Though, it’s a bit mysterious, hard to approach, and extremely difficult to show even with 3-D illustrations. What is hidden inside leaves us feeling mystified. Birthing Better fathers and mothers demystified the vaginal birth canal, by learning how to prepare the soft tissues for labor and birth, and they reaped tremendous benefits by doing so. 

You’ve probably heard about perineal massage. This is a common skill people employ to prepare and aid the second stage of birth. But let’s think more deeply. There is a lot of tissue that is involved in the birth process. The Internal Work is one of the skills developed by birthing families because they wanted greater resilience for the second stage of labor. They discovered, as well, that this Internal Work brought newfound clarity and autonomy to the birth process for themselves.

Here is why mothers and fathers developed this skill. They wanted their vaginal birth to be forthright, to not last for hours, and to not damage them or their baby. They wanted to recover from a vaginal birth without the very common issues that women experience, some of which last for years, such as a sore tailbone, loose vaginal tone, pain having sex, prolapses, or peeing when coughing, running, or laughing.

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