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Take Your Power Back

By Paula Barnes

I spent a lot of time when I found out I was pregnant reading, asking advice, and trying to get my questions answered so that I could do everything right for my baby. I even interviewed pediatricians to find the one I felt comfortable with and who I felt would care for my baby best. I often say that I don’t know if I would have changed anything I was doing at the time just because someone said I should try another approach. I was comfortable with the decisions I had made through much investigation and thought. I felt I was in control.

As I talk to parents, a common thread runs through their stories of when a significant event occurred or an obstacle in the path stopped them from moving in the direction they had been going and led them to search for something else. This obstacle is often a situation they instinctively believed would be the wrong thing to do.

My “brick wall” obstacle experience was when I was told my five-year-old child needed chemotherapy. At two-and-ahalf years of age after a myriad of mixed diagnoses, my son was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Three years of ineffectual medical treatment brought us to the last resort: chemotherapy. It was then when “that something” inside of me jumped out and shouted, “No! I am not going to give that drug to my five-year-old.” I felt deep inside myself that there had to be something else I could do that would bring true healing and not just temporary symptomatic relief. My fear of the drug’s side effects on Robert sent me searching where I had never searched before. I was ready to hear more and hungry for the answer to my prayers.

I was led to Oklahaven and Chiropractic, where I learned that our bodies were made to heal themselves so that we can function at our optimal potential. This knowledge turned out to be life changing for both my son and myself. In choosing to trust my son’s inherent ability to heal with chiropractic and natural care, I began the process of taking back my power as a parent and person. I chose to be as informed as possible, exploring the most recognized information and then making decisions about his care accordingly. Throughout this process, I allowed my inner voice and maternal instinct to help guide my decisions. Today my son is healthy and whole because of whole fresh foods, exercise, sunlight and chiropractic.

What does take back your power mean?


Children are a responsibility and we want to do the best for them. We have the power to choose, but we must do our homework and make decisions that give us peace. Taking responsibility for our families’ health requires maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle each and every day. It means caring for our health before we get sick. It also means allowing our bodies to work as they are designed to.

Informed choice

Information is abundant. We have resources available from every direction. It is important that we access this information from as many sources as we can. The internet has made this information available and easily accessible. When a doctor gives a diagnosis with only one mode of treatment, it is our right and responsibility to get second, third and maybe even fourth opinions. Seeking various modes, rather than limiting our choices to one option, is essential in offering the best available for our children’s health and well-being.

Listen to your intuition

I think the biggest part of taking back our power is learning to listen and trust our intuition. That little voice inside of us is real! Parents have a deep connection with that guidance. When we listen, it will not only warn us, but also guide and reassure us. Our intuition is our guide to take all this information and make the decisions that are best for our families.

As you search—ask questions and gather information. This may sometimes lead you in a direction that seems strange and different, but don’t quit. Stay in touch with your inner voice throughout this process. It always surprises and humbles me to see how the very information I am looking for is practically handed to me. There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Your continued diligence through questioning, searching and listening will lead you on the path that is correct. Throughout this process keep utmost in mind—you have the power to choose.

The following quote by B.J. Palmer, D.C., the Developer of Chiropractic, sums it up for me very well:

“Knowledge is knowing a fact. Wisdom is knowing what to do with that fact.”