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Our Birth Journey Together

By Molly Peralta, DC

August 7, 2023, forever marked me as a mother. A day that has etched itself into the essence of my being. Transforming me from maidenhood to motherhood. The birth rite of passage I dreamt of. 

The morning before, I woke quietly, while my husband still slept. Hanging beside him, I noticed my belly gently contorting and shifting shape, almost imperceptibly. I snapped a photo and shared it with my friend Corey, not attaching much significance to it at the time. After all, I had been experiencing what I thought were “mild” contractions throughout the week. As Sam woke up, we received a text from the birth keeper that we had planned inviting into our birth space. She confessed that she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be comfortable attending if our baby decided to arrive in the next couple days. Her intuition was on point. Moments later, I walked into the kitchen where Sam was preparing breakfast, and my water broke. 

We’re truthfully only 3-4 generations away from when this was the norm. To birth your babies in your home. Maybe inviting over a friend or two. If fortunate, the wise woman in your community to be a supportive witness.

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