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Lose the License

By Margo Nelson

Why Doula Certification is Not Part of the Birth Work Revolution

Does something about doula certification just not sit right with you? Welcome to the club! Sometimes I genuinely forget that being anti-certification and pro-autonomy is still a radical position to take. Thankfully, I am a part of some pretty mainstream birth worker groups so every now and then I get a stark reminder—oofta! This article is for you if you have ever wondered why certification just, and is especially for you if you are looking for something to share with others who don’t understand why you might feel that way!

How Licensing Leads to Eradication

The cultural beliefs in the US are so bizarre. We are supposedly rooted in the idea of individualism and that each of us has the power to shape our own destiny. Conversely, we are taught to rely on the government and experts to protect us from other people by way of permits, certifications, licenses, and laws...

How did we get into this birth mess we are in: the high cesarean rates, total disrespect for birthing women, the near eradication of traditional birth attendants (midwives and other birth helpers)?

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