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Habits for a Better Pregnancy and an Easier Birth

By Lindsay McCoy

I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, achy, and out-of-sorts in your own body during pregnancy. Trust me, I’ve been there! I used to never leave home without a vomit bag. 

Here’s the deal; Pregnancy isn’t easy! Studies show us that the energy expenditure of pregnancy is akin to running a 40-week marathon. They found that the highest metabolic rate humans can handle is 2.5 times their resting metabolic rate. During pregnancy, we function at 2.2 times our resting metabolic rate… for months! So the first piece is to give yourself a little grace and know that you are doing a lot just growing that human being. 

It’s entirely possible to stack the cards in your favor for a more comfortable pregnancy, easier birth, and smoother postnatal recovery.

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