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Grateful for Chiropractic

By Hanna Szigeti

The last trimester of pregnancy includes some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging days for many women. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, I found myself waking up each morning and hoping I would meet my baby by the end of the day, and each evening, disappointment that I was still pregnant filled me.

As the days ticked by, new symptoms and discomforts emerged within my body. Stretch marks scrawled over my large abdomen. The veins on my legs and breasts swelled and turned a deep shade of blue. Overall, my biggest complaint was the constant ache, and even pain, in my hips, legs, and back. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and my body was working hard to grow the little life within me and prepare for labor.

My midwife heard my complaints and recommended that I see an ICPA-certified chiropractor. With a chiropractor’s help, she told me, I could experience two benefits: relief from pain and preparation for labor. I listened to this sage advice.

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