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Fear of Birth

Why do we as women so often discount ourselves? Why do we underestimate our abilities, our strengths, our bodies? Why do we lean into fear so often instead of trusting our bodies, our intuition, and our given abilities?

When it comes to the birthing process, we have been taught by society from a young age that we will need to depend on others to extract our babies, that it will be a terrible, difficult process; and we know that we will be constantly checked to see what scary things may be wrong at each stage of our pregnancy and birthing journey. We couldn’t possibly support our own babies through this powerful rite of passage naturally, could we?

What if there was an alternative narrative? What if our bodies were designed to have a baby? What if we knew that our bodies were so amazing that they can take two microscopic cells, put them together, and create a human being? What if we knew that the physiology in our body was such that it knew what to do at each and every stage of labor if we were just taught the skills of how to work with it instead of against it, releasing the fear that impedes the process?

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