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Birth Pause

By Lesley Everest

Having a powerful birth is not about sticking someone in a tub, lowering the lights, and playing peaceful music. Establishing conditions that nourish hormone flow certainly helps. But birth is a rite of passage we need to take personal responsibility for, as well. What resources are we bringing to the table within our culture of discomfort around true mindfulness and attention to our inner worlds?

It helps for us to develop our own inner capacity to hold the things that make us nervous and uncomfortable. It helps for us to prepare our internal ground, so that birth may land upon a nervous system that will not default to fighting, fleeing, or freezing in response to the inevitably strong sensations and monumental transformation.

Depending only upon external conditions can be risky. A particular environment or circumstance can only take us so far.

A powerful birth is also an inside job. When we can meet whatever each wave of transformation brings our way with grounded flexibility and knowledge of our worth, we will have found resilience.