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The Continuum of Birth and Breastfeeding with Dr. Stephanie Libs

In this episode host Dr. Brendan Riordan DC interviews Dr. Steph Libs DC, CACCP, pediatric and prenatal chiropractor and lactation consultant.

They dive into:

  • Dr. Steph’s miscarriage story and why she became passionate about helping moms on their breastfeeding journey
  • Her first birth story where she chose medical intervention after three days of a stalled home birth
  • Why first-time parents and postpartum moms need more support
  • How breastfeeding impacts long-term outcomes (like high school attendance and income later in life)
  • How birth interventions like pitocin and epidurals can make breastfeeding more difficult
  • How IV fluids in labor can cause excess water weight at birth and how this can cause difficulty in assessing baby’s growth (read more in the Pathways article mentioned here)
  • How birth and breastfeeding affect bonding and parenting

Stephanie Libs, D.C., CACCP, is a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor and lactation consultant in San Diego. She’s a mother to two beautiful babies, and, drawing on the expedience of her own breastfeeding struggles and helping thousands of families, has developed multiple courses to help chiropractors and moms with the breastfeeding journey. Visit her online at