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Greens For The Kids

By Lisa DeNardo

Our house lately has been going through quite a shift. My husband was just ending a fast, after which we both fell into a raw diet for a little over a week. A lot happened during that week for me. I found that when I got lots and lots of greens during the day in the form of smoothies and salads and various other raw concoctions, I felt energized and great, craving nothing but more raw veggies. However, once I reintroduced cooked food, I began craving junk. It’s not even like I am hungry when it happens—just craving something…and often, I don’t even know what. It’s weird. This is just one aspect of awareness that this whole raw-foods endeavor has brought me.

Taking a quick peek into my fridge, I see fresh nut milk, breakfast smoothies, green smoothies and lots of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies. As the inside of my fridge shifts in appearance, I know that it is reflecting my own inner shift, as well. It very well may be a temporary shift, or it may wax and wane as the seasons do. That is totally fine, whatever it turns out to be. My kids have also adjusted to reaching for raw seeds or fresh fruit at snack time.

My youngest got started on green smoothies early. I guess you could say it was one of his first foods. He loves them and will drink any kind, any time. He gets a cup out when he hears the blender and asks for his “moo me.” The great part of it is that he eats salads and greens straight out of the bowl now, cooked or not. If that’s what green smoothies do to a kid, I say bring it on! The older kids had to warm up to the idea, but now they beg me for a green smoothie whenever I make one. In our culture, I have no doubt that our children’s bodies are craving this fresh goodness. Gotta eat—or drink—your veggies!

Recently I have gotten a few e-mails asking about green smoothies, and which recipes my kids enjoy. For a while, I had a hard time finding a good green smoothie recipe that I liked. That’s when I just decided to bag the recipe idea and use my own taste buds for good measure. That’s the best advice I can give—however, here are three green smoothie recipes that my kids do enjoy. Ohm Cooked Recipes