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The Sacred Medicine

By John Ohm

German New Medicine (GNM) might seem to turn our understanding of health on its head, but in truth, we’ve been looking at things upside down for too long. “La Medicina Sagrada” (the Sacred Medicine) fleshes out what chiropractic has known for over 100 years: that the intelligence in the body is supremely capable of healing—and that even the “scariest” symptoms have not only a purpose, but a predictable path and resolution. We’re finally finding our feet, and expanding into a new scientific frontier of the body and psyche. Here, I’ll dive deeper into what I’ve learned and offer more ways to think about this fascinating topic. 

Let’s start with some eye-opening studies on field mice and hamsters. Initially aimed at determining if smoke causes cancer, these studies reveal a profound confirmation of GNM’s principles. When researchers exposed both field mice and hamsters to smoke, surprisingly only field mice developed lung cancer, while the hamsters by and large did not. In fact, many hamsters outlived their smoke-free counterparts. 

This puzzling difference stumped traditional scientists, but it makes perfect sense through the lens of GNM. In consideration of their biological history and ancestral programming, we know that field mice lived above ground in fields where the smell of smoke signaled a life-or-death emergency. For these mice, smoke means fire, and fire means imminent danger. So their biology is hardwired to react to this threat, triggering what GNM calls a “death fright” conflict shock. 

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