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Resolving Biological Conflicts

By Pathways Magazine

An Interview Synopsis with Brandon Bozarth from The Way Forward Podcast with Alec Zeck

Source: The Way Forward Podcast with Alec Zeck. Article: The Pathways Team

There’s a great power in the questions we ask. In matters of health, the overarching question persists: Why do some individuals, sharing the same environment, diet, and lifestyle, experience vastly different health outcomes? 

Brandon Bozarth, a GNM informed health coach, has followed a path like many in the healthcare field. Initially grounded in a modern medical approach, he turned to functional medicine to broaden his understanding but quickly became curious as to why some clients experienced remarkable or even “miraculous” recoveries from their physical conditions, while others did not. In his practice, he observed firsthand how changes in the energetic context of an individual’s emotions and life experiences could lead to significant alterations in their physical state, but he couldn’t understand how or why. 

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